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  • Road maintenance

    The Far North has over 2,500km of roads. Find out more about how they are prioritised for maintenance.
  • Severe weather road repairs

    Find out about the long term road repairs required due to severe weather damage. Most roads have been restored but some repairs are complex.
  • Road closures and restrictions

    Temporary road closures, Corridor Access Requests (CAR), traffic management plans and bridge weight/width limits.
  • Unsealed roads

    Most of the road network in the Far North is unsealed. Find out more about how the council maintains, seals and reduces road dust on these roads.
  • Vegetation: Mowing and spraying

    We manage roadside vegetation for safety. Join the "No Spray" register to elect not to have your property's roadside berm managed by us.
  • Unformed or paper roads

    Answers to common questions about legal or public roads that are not maintained. Includes the licence to occupy and road naming process.
  • Vehicle Crossing Approval

    To apply for a vehicle crossing approval you will need a few things.
  • Roading improvements

    This page contains an overview of roading improvement projects by year and location. Informations in this map is provided and maintained by Northland
  • Road naming and renaming

    Under the Local Government Act 1974, the Council has the power to name and alter the name of roads, both public/vested roads and private/ROWs.

Last updated: 15 Apr 2024 1:12pm