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Keeping our communities connected. Learn about our transport assets, our network plans and how to report roading issues.

  • Roads

    Answers to common questions about the Far North road network.
  • Walking and Cycling

    Walking and Cycling facilities and plans in the Far North District
  • Ferries

    Information about Far North ferry services: the Hokianga ferry timetable and links to the Russell ferry.
  • Buses

    Link to the regional bus service, and learn how to request a bus shelter in your area.
  • Total Mobility

    Total Mobility is a nationwide scheme to help people with disabilities stay connected with their community.
  • Integrated Transport Strategy

    The Integrated Transport Strategy sets out the District’s priorities to achieve a transport system that will best support the Far North and its people
  • Transportation Activity Management Plan 2024–2054

    This Transportation Activity Management Plan (AMP) been prepared by the Northland Transport Alliance (NTA) on behalf of the Far North District Council

Last updated: 02 May 2024 11:22am