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Community Development

Empowered communities are thriving communities. Council has adopted a Community Development Framework to better articulate its role in community development and identify how it aims to work with communities, government agencies and non-government organisations to build strong, resilient communities.

Vision: Te Whakatupuranga Hapori – Communities growing and thriving
Mission: Manaaki Tangata, Tiaki Taiao – Supporting our places and people to thrive

The word hapori refers to people providing/receiving a service. Whakatupuranga refers to the act of placing a kakano/seed into 'te pito o te whenua', which literally describes its point of creation, followed by the act of nurturing and shaping the seed through its stages of growth towards full maturity.

What we do

  • Build and strengthen internal and external relationships.
  • Increase opportunities for communities to determine the things they care about.
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful engagement and participation in public and community life.
  • Empower communities to design, prioritise and deliver local initiatives.
  • Support community groups to lead their communities.
  • Work with government agencies, non-government organisations and community leaders to create connections, maximise collective potential to contribute, and improve community wellbeing.

Community development initiatives

  • Community Development Plan

    A Community Development Plan is developed by an agreed process between a community and the Far North District Council. The plan helps the Council and
  • Disability Action Group

    The Disability Action Group works with the Far North District Council to advocate for a more accessible environment for Far North residents and visito
  • Far North Youth Council

    The Far North Youth Council works with the Far North District Council to provide a youth perspective on issues across the district. Youth Councillors
  • Tuia Rangatahi Leadership Programme

    The Tuia Rangatahi Leadership Programme is associated with the Mayor's Taskforce for Jobs, and aims to empower rangatahi Māori throughout New Zealand
  • Volunteering and Community Groups

    We are lucky to have several volunteer and community groups in the Far North. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer you can find more informat

Last updated: 22 Apr 2024 7:07pm