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Services - Ratonga

  • Building Consents

    Constructing, altering, demolishing or removing a building? You will probably need a building consent.
  • Civil Defence

    Civil Defence is the coordinated response to an emergency event involving multiple agencies.
  • Dogs and cats

    What does responsible dog ownership look like? Includes links to our dog management policy, registration forms and "Is this your dog?
  • Far North Maps

    Use this mapping tool to overlay different information on any parcel of land in the Far North.
  • Fees and charges (PDF)

    Download or view our Fees and Charges 2024-2025, which took effect 1 July 2024.
  • Infringements

    Payment of infringements through the online payment portal.
  • Libraries

    We operate six libraries and one mobile van in the Far North. It is free to join, giving you access to tens of thousands of books, magazines and more.
  • Licences and permits

    Learn more about licensing and permits.
  • Māori development

    The following pages provide information on a range of matters relevant to all those interested in the context of Tangata Whenua in our district.
  • Noise control

    Call 0800 347 787 to make a noise complaint. An operator will ask for details of your complaint and send out an officer.
  • Online Services

    Council offers a range of services online which makes it easier to interact with us at a time convenient to you. Some of these services require you to
  • Pay a council invoice

    Use our step by step guide to all the options for paying an invoice that has been issued by council.
  • Property

    Find out about LIMs, RAPID and urban numbering and property valuations. Search our online property database, and request a property file.
  • Property revaluations delayed

    Far North property revaluations will be delayed due to various factors. Revaluations will now be sent to property owners in May 2023. This delay is ou
  • Rates

    Search the rating information database, find out how to pay your rates, apply for refunds, transfers, rebates and remissions.
  • Resource consents

    The Resource Management Act requires us to ensure that effects of land use and subdivisions on the environment are managed sustainably.
  • Rubbish and recycling

    We have 16 transfer stations for collecting rubbish and recycling. There is also a user pays kerbside collection service.
  • Transport

    Keeping our communities connected. Learn about our transport assets, our network plans and how to report roading issues.
  • Wastewater and stormwater

    Council manages our district's wastewater and stormwater.
  • Water

    Information about Council water supplies, how to connect, buying water for tanks, water restrictions and water-saving tips.

Last updated: 17 Apr 2024 10:08pm