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All weather sport facilities key focus for Te Hiku

Upgrading local sporting facilities to cover all weather conditions was a key focus of funding granted by Te Hiku Community Board at its recent meeting when 10 community groups received a share of approximately $75,000.

The Far North Cricket Club was granted $18,000 to secure a new concrete cricket pitch for Te Hiku Sports Hub which will significantly enhance the range of sporting activities available and provide a reliable playing surface in all weather conditions. This will assist the club in its aim of promoting cricket across all age groups.

Coopers Beach Bowling Club was granted $8434 for a geotechnical survey to investigate the suitability of an all-weather, UV-protected cover for the bowling green. The club offers non-contact sporting opportunities for all ages with a focus on school programmes from primary to high school.

The car park at Waiharara Hall in Kaimaumau will be extended and made accessible in all-weather thanks to a grant of $6903, while Te Rarawa Rugby Club was granted $12,682 for drainage and fencing at Ahipara Domain.

The Building Safer Communities group can continue its work tackling graffiti in Te Hiku with a grant of $1387 for resources and volunteer support. The group was also granted an additional $2440 to restore footpath markings designed to keep pedestrians safe. This includes 12 'No skateboards, scooters or bicycles' warnings, as well as four 'ATM queue here' footpath markings on Commerce Street in Kaitāia.

Other community groups to be awarded grants were:

  • Mangōnui Cemetery Committee - $10,000 in a one-off grant for maintenance costs to ensure the ongoing management and beautification of the public cemetery.
  • Mangōnui Waterfront Working Group - $9505 to install history panels along the waterfront boardwalk.
  • Doubtless Bay Floral Art Society - $1847 for hosting the 2024 Floral Art Designer of the Year competition, which includes floral art displays and workshops.
  • Far North Torpedo Fishing Competition - $3000 to assist with the running of the event for the competition held on 26 June.

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