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Resource consents

Your guide to resource consents in the Far North District

This section provides all the information you need about Resource Consents in the Far North District. Whether you're planning a land use change, a subdivision, an earthworks project, need to vary an existing resource consent, or have questions about deemed permitted activities or marginal breaches, you'll find the resources you need here.

Sustainable development through resource management

The Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) is a cornerstone of New Zealand's environmental framework. It ensures local councils manage the effects of land use and subdivisions on the environment in a sustainable way. This delicate balance between economic, social, cultural, and environmental interests is crucial for our district's long-term well-being. The Far North District Council plays a vital role in achieving this balance by processing resource consent applications, assessing their environmental impact, and ultimately deciding whether to grant or decline consents and other permits.

We can help you navigate the process

We understand navigating the Resource Consent process can be complex. This page simplifies the steps involved, from determining if you need consent to understanding the application process and post-consent compliance.

Stay informed:

This website also provides a searchable list of:

  • Recently lodged applications: Track new applications submitted to the Far North District Council.
  • Publicly notified applications: View applications with potentially significant environmental effects for public comment.

Last updated: 18 Jul 2024 3:15pm