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Licences and permits

  • Alcohol

    Find out about alcohol licensing and certification to operate your business.
  • Council issued licences enquiry

    Search for information on licences issued in your community.
  • Food premises

    Find out about the registration of food businesses and when you need to register.
  • Health licences

    We register hairdressers, camping grounds, offensive trades (such as septic tank and grease trap cleaning), and funeral homes.
  • Health nuisances

    Health nuisances can cause the spread of disease and cause annoyance. If you notice a hazard or public health hazard, please report it by calling 0800
  • Licence application forms

    A library of application forms for alcohol, dogs, food, health and bylaw licences.
  • Stalls and mobile businesses

    Find out about getting approval to trade or operate in a public space.

Last updated: 02 Apr 2024 4:24pm