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Housing for the elderly

Far North District Council aim to ensure that adequate facilities are provided for our elderly by providing 144 Pensioner Housing units at 12 locations within the Far North District.

Council's Housing for the Elderly Funding Policy requires the activity to be funded from rents received and endeavours to keep rents as low as possible while providing units that are well maintained and presented.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Housing priority will be given to Applicants 60 years old and above.
  • The Applicant must not be a land or property owner and the combined value of the applicant's assets must not exceed $20,000.
  • The Applicant must be a permanent New Zealand Resident or Citizen of New Zealand.

If Council are unable to find an eligible tenant, despite all reasonable attempts, Council may consider applicants who do not meet these criteria. These applicants will be on a 6-month fixed term tenancy agreement and will pay market rent. At the end of the tenancy, if Council has received an application that meets Council's Housing for the Elderly eligibility criteria, these agreements may be reviewed and terminated.

How to apply

To make application, please complete the Housing for the Elderly - Application form.

Alternatively, you can call our Contact Centre on 0800 920 029 to request an application form to be sent via post or email.

Once completed, please return the application form with supporting documents to Council at any of our Service Centres or by post.

  • Please do not send Originals.
  • The Property Support Officer will assess against the eligibility criteria and confirm once added to the Waitlist for Housing for the Elderly.
  • Applicants will be notified once the Application form has been received.

Other Considerations

  • A health condition exists which is not compatible with the applicant's current accommodation arrangements e.g., access to suitable facilities, hospital requirements, need to be near family support.
  • Length of time living in the Far North District and any affiliations to the preferred locations.
  • Applicant is homeless, has no fixed abode, Emergency or Transitional housing, overcrowding, substandard or unhealthy.
  • Unable to afford private rental accommodation and has limited financial resources.

For more Information

Please read the Housing for the Elderly Information Booklet.

Our properties

The following lists the location and the current rents for tenants that meet Council’s Housing for the Elderly criteria as at 1st October 2023:


Type of Unit

Weekly Rent

Kaikohe, Kerikeri, Rawene

Bedsit unit


Ahipara, Awanui, Horeke, Kawakawa, Oxford St, Puckey Ave, Rawene, Kohukohu, Waima

One bedroom unit


Kaikohe, Omapere, Kerikeri

One/ Two bedroom unit (s)


All complexes



The following lists the location and the current Market rents for tenants that do not meet Council’s age, income and asset criteria for Housing for the Elderly as at 1st October 2023:


Type of unit

Market Rent


Bedsit unit



Bedsit unit



Bedsit unit



One bedroom unit


Ahipara, Awanui, Oxford Street, Puckey Ave

One bedroom unit


Kawakawa, Rawene, Kohukohu, Horeke, Waima

One bedroom unit



One bedroom unit



One/ Two bedroom unit(s)


Note: Couples will pay an additional $10 to the Market Rent in each location.

Frequently asked questions

The length of time an applicant must wait varies depending on each application and preferred location. Unfortunately, a set time cannot be given.

Once a vacant unit is ‘ready to let’ in the Applicant’s preferred location(s), the applicant(s) with the highest need(s) are invited to attend a face-to-face interview. Applicants are welcome to bring a family member or support person(s) to the interview.

Following the interviews, the Property Support Officer will select the successful applicant(s) and will arrange a date/ time for viewing (unless interviews have been held at the specified unit).

Please phone Council on 0800 920 029 to request an account balance or rent record report, this will be assigned to the Property Support Officer – Housing for the Elderly to follow up.

A four-week bond and two weeks rent in advance is required.

A Bond Lodgement form will be signed by both parties, this will be sent with your bond payment to Tenancy Services and a receipt will be sent to you directly within three weeks of your tenancy commencement date.

If the tenant terminates the Tenancy, the Bond will only be refunded if:

The unit is left in a satisfactory condition following the final inspection and;

The Tenant's Debtor Account is clear and there are no rent arrears outstanding.

All requests for repairs or other work must be lodged as a Request for Service (RFS) system by calling Council on 0800 920 029 or 09 401 5200, or by visiting any of the Council Service Centres.

Council staff will prioritise all requests and complete them based on priority.

Payment for any contractors that are hired by the tenant without the consent of Council is the responsibility of the tenant.  Council will not accept any responsibility for making payment for any unauthorised works.

Please phone Council on 0800 920 029 to request an account balance or rent record report, this will be assigned to the Property Support Officer – Housing for the Elderly to follow up.

The Tenancy Agreement requires that three weeks written notice of your intention to terminate your tenancy is given to Council, this provides Council with a suitable time to make arrangements and organise a new tenant for the Unit.

If a tenant is required to leave their unit without providing the full three weeks' notice due to ill health or death, the three weeks' notice period may be reduced at the discretion of Council.

Rent will continue to be charged until the unit is fully vacated and all keys returned to Council.

A final Inspection of the unit will be arranged, tenants and/ or Family members are welcome and encouraged to attend to discuss any defects or issues and agree upon the bond to be refunded.

If a tenant has failed to make a rent payment or is not following the conditions of their tenancy agreement, a 14-day remedy letter will be issued. The tenant must contact Council within the time specified to discuss payment remedies and/ or options.  If three separate remedy letters have been issued for the same breach within a 90-day period, Council can make application with the Tenancy Tribunal for an Order to terminate the tenancy agreement.

Council staff will not get involved in personal disputes between tenants and neighbours.

No loud music or loud parties will be permitted.  All tenants and their visitors must respect their neighbour’s rights to “quiet enjoyment” of their units and display a reasonable standard of behaviour.

All complaints of anti-social behaviour by a tenant or their visitors will be investigated and may result in a formal written warning. If the unacceptable behaviour continues after a third warning within a 90-day period, this will result in Council applying to the Tenancy Tribunal for an order to terminate the tenancy on the grounds of anti-social behaviour.

Neighbouring properties near a Housing for the Elderly Village are to be given the same consideration. If concerned for the safety or well-being of another tenant, please contact that tenant’s Family/ Caregiver in the first instance or if in danger and more appropriate, contact Police.

Last updated: 14 Jun 2024 10:44am