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Local Elections 2022

Voting in the 2022 local elections closed on Saturday 8 October. These webpages contain background information relating to before, during and after the election period.

Electoral donations

Electoral donations received for the 2022 Local Election period can be found here.

  • STV Voting Statistics

    Find the full list of iteration reports generated by the STV calculator in determining the final results
  • Voting in this local election

    Find a full list of Far North candidates and answers to your questions about voting and the Single Transferable Voting (STV) system.
  • Essential Resources

    Let us help you to step up, stand up and speak up! This page contains resources such as the candidate handbook, timetable and fact sheets.
  • Election results 2022

    Find the Final Result Full Report here, as well as preliminary and progress results and voting daily return information.
  • Māori wards

    Find out more about our Māori ward, Ngā Tai o Tokerau. This ward will cover the entire district and comprise of four councillors elected by voters on
  • Video - in three languages

    Local Elections are coming and they’re different in 2022. How you step up (enrol), stand up (stand) and speak up (vote) matters. Choose a video in one

Last updated: 16 Apr 2024 2:46pm