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District Plan

The District Plan sets the rules for how the district’s land can be used, developed and subdivided.

  • Proposed district plan

    The council is proposing a new District Plan. Find out more about the process to update the District Plan here.
  • Operative plan

    The Operative Plan is a planning document that manages land use and subdivision in the district. This determines whether you may need a resource conse
  • Operative maps

    Zone and resource maps for the Far North District relating to the different chapters in the Operative Plan.
  • Plan changes

    Information on current plan changes and the plan change process.
  • Reference Library

    Reports, strategies and maps that provide historical context to the existing District Plan.
  • Conservation covenants

    Information on when and how to apply for a conservation covenant
  • Protecting historic heritage

    Our district is richly endowed with a wealth of assets, many of which are nationally important. Find our design guidelines and other information for p
  • Monitoring strategy

    Information on the role and purpose of a monitoring strategy to improve planning processes and planning outcomes.

Last updated: 22 Apr 2024 2:40pm